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"Crush" Review 31 May 2000
Hardly Slippery for the 21st Century!

A review by Col /

Well the hype is over and having listened to the album approx 15 times in two days it does grow on you - but its not what was expected.

The lack of "single" releases is clear and Jovi have moved to what seems a "album band" rather that a "single" band. Just like "destination anywhere" not many tracks "jump" out to the listener.

You turn on the CD you get 3 good starting tracks then .... well to be kind - its a let down.

I`ll still be listening to it again but, well it harldy will bring in new fans.

other reviews will discuss each song but hey "You can't be perfect all the time"

Jovi fans only !

Rating: 7/10

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