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"Lunar Eclipse" Review 5 May 2001
David Bryan - Lunar Eclipse

Different ... but worth buying!

A review by Bernhard König /

When I ordered this record at CDNOW i just thought that i won't like it. Just because i don't like classical(-like) music very much an i prefer rocking records more than slow records.

But on the other hand i like pianos in rock songs very much (Meat Loaf!) and i also like the (damn seldom) piano solos of David also (Intro of "These Days" ...).

Okay, the CD took 2 weeks over airmail to my doorstep and when i found it in my postbox i was surprised that the album really made it to my doorstep. So up in my bedroom, lights out, headphones on and ... PLAY.

Now, i'd known in advance that it is a piano-only record so i wasn't very disappointet of the fact that there is REALLY just piano (expect Netherworld Waltz) on it. And I have to say that allready cut 1 "Second Chance" was a very good one. For an piano solo song rather an uptempo one. Followed by 2 ("i can love"/"it's a long road") rather "normal" songs. Nothing special.

One of the highlights came with the title track of David's first album: "On A Full Moon". I allready known this song before but i still like it very much. This one remembers me on an old song used in a movie, but i can't remeber which particular one.

"April" is the next "just well done" cut on this album.

My absolute favourite follows now: "Kissed by an angel" - absolutely WONDERFUL song, just the middle part can't mess with the first (great) 90 and the last 45 seconds.

"Room Full Of Blues" was a little dissapointing because the title let me expect an excellent song - but there is no blues in this room. But - you won't believe it - this one really rocks. A piano bar song, a piano rocker ... something you often heared allready from the band in the 80's (just with guitars) - a wild west one in perfection :)

"Hear Out Prayer" is another one of my favourites on this record.

"In THis Arms" - the only song with vocals on that record - is another highlight. It's a very well done cover. As one or two of you will know - a hairband foundet in the 80's called "Bon Jovi" had done this one before. They only added a guitar solo and big drums :)

Now - about the full album: all songs are good and the album contains some absolute highlights. You never expect such an professional piano album when you watch David live with Bon Jovi. Just because you think he just can't play in an classical album like that - okay, we all know he learned classical piano in his early years. But mainly because David is so much in background you just don't notice which grand piano/keyboards player he is. I whish "Bon Jovi" would bring out another Album like "These Days" out next - just with more of David. The chewing-gum-piano-sounds on "Prayer, It's my life" and others just are to simple for a man like this. A little bit more of Meat Loaf in BOn Jovi ... well, just of the music, not of the kilos :)

VERY dissapointing on this album are "interlude", "up the river" and "netherworld waltz" - oh oh, you better left that synthesizer sounds or electronic drums @ waltz out of that great album, david. They have nothing to do on this record. This is NOT a pop album! Also "Hear Our Prayer" would have been MUCH better if you didn't put that ugly "aaaaaaaaa"-Synthi-sh**t in background, thank god its only a short part on this track and rather silent.

Overall: a beautiful album to dream away with, each evening i go to bed i listen to david's album ... man, i sleep SO well after it. WEll done, it's worth buying it. It's different but thats why you should buy it!

Rating: 7/10

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