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"Keep The Faith" Review 6 May 2001
Keep the (Muther F***ing) Faith!

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A review by luvdajews

Yo Bon Jovi Fans!
This album triumphs, but yet embarrasses me, (as if being a 13 year old that listens to nothing but 80's music isnt embarrassing enough)
This album has potential but.....some songs just aren't "hip" with there time or this time.
To better understand this ive analized the 12 gifts, (songs), Jon and his crew has given us.

"I Believe" I like the switch of vocals but still i like them motavationally songs, and motavation is only something i get in the course and begginning. That's not enough for me. 6/9 (lol, i like to be differnt)

"Keep the Faith" Da best song in the world! I have a shirt with "KEEP THE FAITH" acrossed it. I sing this in school everyday, ive played it at school, this song has gotten me in so much trouble because of the motavational message it send. "Everybody Keep the FAith!" 9++/9

"I'll Sleep when I'm Dead" This is all i have to say..."I'll sleep when I'm dead, and while i listen to this song." 2/9

"In These Arms" Heck yeah! Bon Jovi has the only ballads i listen to. Only Jon's ballads remind me of my special someone and how i want her "in these arms tonight" 9/9

"Bed of Roses" Like i said before, Jons ballads kick a** but, this on doesnt relate to me, so i cant quite grasp it... 5/9

"If I was your Mother" no, notta, not a chance ill ever like this song. It sux! They mustve made this because someone made them cuz this just ain't Bon Jovi's work 1/9

"Dry County" I loved this song enough for it to be over a 9 rating but the messege died down, leaving it only as a quick pick me up 9/9

"Woman in Love" i skip it, i hate it. This is what Jon likes to sing but not what i like to hear. 0/9

"Fear" To fast! But it kicks a**! nothing more to say... 8/9

"I Want You" oh God! i wish i had the balls to sing this to the girl i like! i luv this song more than "in these arms" it defines me! 9+/9

"Blame It on the Love, of Rock and Roll" im sorry, but this song does nothing for me, doesnt even have the right beat, tsk tsk Jon! 2/9

"Little Bit of Soul" Heck Yeah! its got beat, its got lyrics, and what we need to get by is a little bit of soul! 9/9

well, there is obviously one reason i can rate the entire album a nine, songs like "Keep the Faith", "In These Arms", "Dry County", "Fear", "I Want You", and "Little Bit of Soul" cover only half of the album, but theyre enough to make up for the 6 sh***** ones.
p.s. Jon, if you read this you shouldve waited and combined "These Days" with "Keep the Faith"!

Rating: 9/10

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