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"Undiscovered Soul" Review 6 May 2001
My feelings about "Undiscovered Soul"

A review by bluesbabe /

I bought Undiscovered Soul the day it came out. By that time I was already a huge Richie fan, but my "fanship" went a long way from Jonny to Richie. I liked the way Richie was like on stage and I had a very deep feeling that he must be a very sensitive and "emotional" songwriter and man, so I bought "Stranger". Ballad of youth, the answer,... I liked it a lot, esp. the kinda like philosophical aspects of life, it touched me deep inside.

Then there was Undiscovered Soul in my hands and I thought: "Man, this is like my title of life!" I heard the CD and felt like I grew the same way as he did it in his musical development. It sounds so full of his experience of life, like in "hard times", "all that really matters", "who I am" (my fave), "you're not alone" (I think it's writen for Ava).

Now this all might sound pathetic, but that's the way I FEEL about it. In another way, I'm just rockin' with the music like having a good time - my two sides of BJ-music. "Undiscovered Soul" is far from BJ or the first solo album but it's nearer to Richie himself, and that's the way I understand his music.

And this doesn't mean I don't like Bon Jovi music, no, BJ is like the foundation on which all the good music can grow...

(Man, I wish Richie could read this!)

Now, feel free to mail, I like to exchange thoughts about BJ and Richie!

Rock on! KTF! ;0)

Rating: 10/10

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