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"Stranger In This Town" Review 10 May 2001
discovering the undiscovered

A review by bluesbabe /

Wow, here it is! The good looking guitar player from my fave band has released a solo album, let's see....
This is what I thought in 1991 when I was just 14! And now with 8 more years it feels like my old friend with who I grew up! So here is what I can say about it:

r.i.p.: still like a meditating intro to me, here comes another richie apart from BJ mates

church: wow, he has really a "pitoresque" way of writing, makes you wanna listen to more...

stranger: I cried, then I smiled, about that beauty soul in this song and in all of his songs, I already used it in church for a youth service

ballad: kinda my "guide" from richie for growing up

one light: this has touched me so deep inside, I still believe there is one light for me and it's send from the man above, I can see it in many faces and one of them is richies

bluesman: I related my nickname from this, this one says all about richie though he wrote it for clapton, I think. when he'd bend a note a tear would fill my eyes...

rosie: rockin it all off

river of love: I wish he'd take me there... ;-) another rocker

father time: what can I say? comes from the heart...

answer: my fave in a row with "who I am" and "undiscovered soul"!!!

read my other review for further understanding what he means to me.

keep on rockin

Rating: 10/10

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