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"New Jersey" Review 18 May 2001
Jersey at its Best

to good to be true

A review by louie /

Oh my god what an album! It's probably bon jovi's best.
Ok here are the tracks:

Lay Your hands on me: amazing track with a great intro. Fits the rock bon jovi mood 10/10

Bad Medicine: Creative song very richiey. Great lyrics and amazing solo 10/10

Born to be my baby: great song with amazing catchy tunes great lyrics, just great. 10/10

Livin' in sin: whatta song!!!! keeping love sacred no matter what others say but sometimes wondering why they are sayng. 10/10

Here comes the whole album, Blood on blood, this is an unbeatable song, it is my favourite bon jovi song. I CRIED THE FIRST TIME I HEARD THIS SONG! It is so deep, although he has'nt seen danny and bobby for a while they have always been best friends an scince friends are friends forever, and what you say is what you do, he will be with them forever blood on blood rules.10/10

Homebound train: cool song great solo, jon sings it great.

wild is the wind, what can i say, beautiful song 10/10

ride cowboy ride: ?#@? cool 10/10

stick to your guns: beautiful song, and aim from the heart what a nice frase.10/10

i'll be there for you: there's always a point in life when you feel that way.10/10

'99 in the shade, party song , tommy and gina back in town, this song just rocks10/10

LOve for sale, cool song but weird 10/10

Rating: 10/10

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