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"Crush" Review 31 May 2000
Worst BJ Album

A review by MANDO

What happened to Bon Jovi? I'm not saying the band shouldn't evolve but this is ridiculous. It doesn't even have a new just sucks. Maybe I'm being to critical but when you like songs like Lay your hands on me (my favorite) this album just doesn't do it. There are 3 very good songs It's my life, Next 100 years, and One Wild Night. The rest is either plain or downright ridiculous. The ballads just sound ordinary and way below power ballads like Always, Wild is the Wind, I'll be there for you, etc. Simply put, if a new greatest hits album were to be made, not one song off of Crush should be on it.

I am truly a Bon Jovi fan but honestly it's the first time i've really been dissapointed. I'm not in love with These Days either, but at least that had great songs like Hey God, Something for the Pain, Damned, My Guitar and Something to Believe in.

It's my Life - great rock song, it really can't compare to earlier stuff like Livin on a prayer but it's still very good. 9/10

Say it isn't so - 6/10

Thank you for loving me - ordinary if you compare it to Bon Jovi classics. it would get a lower rating but i feel that i shouldn't compare it with older stuff that goes beyond a 10 point scale. 7/10

Two Story Town - 7/10 Could have been better if it was sung in a harder (less high pitch, more sreaming) way.

Next 100 years - 9/10 The great solo at the end gives this song a 10. More of those should be on the album.

Just Older - 6/10 again could have been better if it were sung with guts

Mystery Train - 0/10 i listened to it once and i vowed to never listen to it again. PATHETIC. should have been sold to the backstreet boys or something.

Save the World - 1/10 just slightly better yet still Pathetic.

Captain Crash - 8/10 starts off awesome but then comes down slightly again because of the vocals

She's a mystery - 5/10 i would probably appreciate it more if it weren't surrounded by other slow paced songs

I got the girl - 6/10 sounds like another band playing....a pop band

One Wild Night - 9/10 although probably not as good as bon jovi classics this song is the closest thing to the Bon Jovi i grew to love in the 80's.

i could make a living loving you - 8/10 should have made the US album.

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Bon Jovi 9
Fahrenheit 8
Slippery 10
New Jersey 10 The album ever made by anybody
Keep the Faith 10
These Days 7

Rating: 5/10

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