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"Crossroad" Review 24 May 2001
"the best of" of the best

A review by dan

How can a "best of" from bon jovi's song can be bad! This album is terrific, i have this album since a few years now and just keep listening...

1- livin' on a prayer - just one of the greatest rock song ever. a true classic that rocks from the beginning 'till the end. My favorite rock song ever! 10/10

2- keep the faith - Even if some people are not big fans of this one i just love it as much as prayer. I discover bon jovi with keep the faith, with this song and i just love it at the first time and i still enjoy it as much, great lyrics...we're keeping the faith guys! 10/10

3- saturday night - a nice rock 'n roll song, a lot of energy in this one and a real nice one in a live concert, just love the lyrics of the beginning 9/10

4- always - an amazing love song, the lyrics are just great. Its the perfect one for a romanctic night and once again, this a great "live" song, im glad they made it in quebec city 9/10

5- wanted dead or alive - just great guitar at the beginning, i just love it. 8/10

6- lay your hands on me - this song is particularly great live, it can be better, with the crowd singing it, still nice on an album, but we lose some of the magic 8/10

7- bad name - what can i say, its in the same spirit than prayer, an amazing rock n roll song, when you hear this one for the first time you'll just keep singing it again and again, the chorus is really good 10/10

8-bed of roses - my favorite love song from bon jovi, the lyrics are incredible, thats stuff that you would like to sing to the one you love, its an incredibly powerful love song 10/10

9- blaze of glory - its a cool song once again, but depends of the mood im in 7/10

10 - prayer '94 - a nice way for livin' on a prayer, some of the great rock n roll song by bon jovi just sounds amazing acoustic...runaway, prayer, wanted... 8/10

11- bad medecine - what a greatest hits of bon jovi would be without this one, one of their most known song, sounded great in the 80' and still rockin' in the 2000! :) 9/10

12-i'll be there for you - a really nice love song, i dont appreciate it as much as always and bed of roses but still on of my favotites, i love the lyrics 8/10

13- in and out of love - i use to skip this one, dont really like it, there's a lot of other one that should have been on the greatest hits instead of this one 4/10

14 - runaway - im not the biggest fan of this one, tough i love the accoustic version, i just dont really appreciate the keyboards on the beginning, even tough, still a godd rock song 6/10

In resume, this album is just one of the best i ever listen to, i miss born to be my baby, i sleep when im dead (one of my favorite), in these arms (i shoul buy the european version ;) Go buy this album if you dont have it...go right now!

Rating: 10/10

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