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"These Days" Review 28 May 2001
The best to me

intensely deep in every bit

A review by Emanuele /

As my review title says, this is the album I love the most, for many reasons. First, it's an album that makes you think, you just can't skip through songs like "Hey God", "These Days", "Something To Believe In", "All I Want Is Everything" without having your mind wondering and re-wondering; these songs are the perfect picture of our (at the time the album was released) end-of-millenium world and society.
Then the lyrics: they are really pondered and heavily heart-felt (at least this is the impression I got from it) , both in meaning and in phonetic blend with the beat; take the opening verse of "These Days" for example:
"I was walking around just a face in the crowd trying the keep myself out of the rain (which is pronounced the same as "reign", might be by chance but..see what follows)
Saw a vagabond king wear a styrofoam crown, wondered if I might end up the same (shows man's fragility and unsecurity nowadays)
There's a man out on the corner singing old songs about change, everybody's got their cross to bear these days" (you might see a reference to Christ in this one line, seeing as this album questions religion as well)
I think they paid much more attention to the meaningful lyrics making this album, such as in "Hey God", which undoubtedly has a powerful rythm and great instrumental playing, but of the same highest quality are the lyrics.
I know that many fans might find this album sort of dark and introspective, but this is its forte: the world isn't all prom nights, sweet kisses and happy endings, the world is also situations like those in "Hey God" and "All I want Is Everything", days like those sung in "My Guitar Lies Bleeding In My Arms", love stories as in "Lie To Me" or "(It's Hard) Letting You Go", and the album reflects all these other-side facets of existence.
Last, but absolutely not least, the sound, which is the only thing most people listen to when songs have nothing to tell (read quite most boybands between these lines), but this is definitely not the case; from powerful through to melodic, this album features all types of beats a rock listener should hope to find in a great job, and the band succeeded in doing so, the result is stunning and the absolutely magical combination of feeling, energy and straight-to-the-core themes being dealt with throughout the album is simply awesome.
To conclude, my favorite ones from this album are:
"These Days"
"Lie To Me"
"Hey God"
"This Ain't A Love Song"
"Something To Believe In"
"It's Hard Letting You Go"

Rating: 10/10

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