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"Keep The Faith" Review 30 May 2001
A monument in rock music!

A review by steve burton

This CD is awesome!

The opener "I believe" is one of the best opener of Bon Jovi. It is just rockin' power and positive lyrics. I love this song. - 10

"Keep the faith" - this is a special song for me, because it is the first BJ-song I've ever heard! The bass is very cool. And RIchie rocks his guitar again! And MUST in each BJ-concert! - 10

"I'll sleep when I'm dead" - this is the kind of song which brings you in a good mood. So funny and cool rhytmic! - 9.5

"in these arms" - I remember Beavis and Butthead laughing about it, but I love it. powerful lovesong - 9.5

"Bed of roses" - this is my all time favourite BJ-song!!! there no rating possible!!!

"If I was your mother" - another rock power. but there is too much power. this doesn't fill very good with the lyrics - 8

"Dry county" - Musically the best BJ-song! it is also the longest. It could last forever, I wouldn't mind! - 10

"Woman in love" - funny song, good sound - 9

"Fear" - again a little more power sound, good one - 8.5

"I want you" - another ballad, less powerful than the other two, but still beautiful - 8.5

"Blame it on the love of rock and roll" - Great one, very funny lyrics, this makes me move! - 9.5

"Little bit of soul" - cool rhythm, great song - 9.5

"Save a prayer" - the bonus track. it is more than we could expect from a bonus track. i really like it - 8.5

This is the end of this great album! that's the moment when I begin again with "I believe"!!!

Rating: 10/10

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