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"These Days" Review 1 June 2001
This album really gets u thinking!

True greatness!

A review by Bozzy /

I hadn't been a "real" Bon Jovi fan for long. I knew their songs, and I knew of them, but I never really was a true fan. Then all my friends started playing CRUSH for me and now I've become a huge fan of Bon Jovi.

It wasn't till recently, maybe a month ago, when I first listened to These Days. At first listen, you really don't feel the songs and I really didn't care much for the album.

But listening to it a second or third time, and listening to other Bon Jovi songs, I really saw a different and really awesome side of the band when I heard songs off the album like, Something for the Pain, Something to beleive In, Hey God and all the rest of the songs.

But really the main song off the album, These Days, really is a true masterpeice. It totally goes without words what I feel when I listen to it. It's one of those truely great songs that you focus on it and halfway through the song you wish it would never end. Like it could go on for days and it wouldn't matter cause it really reaches something inside of you.

I truely beleive that this was the best Bon Jovi album. There's no pop to it. Someone who likes fast paced songs only, or rap might miss a truely great album. You really gotta listen to the words and think of what they mean and could mean and maybe you might do something different with your life. It could be something bad, or it could be something good, but this album really makes you want to do something you would never think of doing before.

If I wanted to get someone to like Bon Jovi, I'd let them listen to Slippery When Wet or Crossroad, but if I wanted to let a fan hear the true greatness behind the band, I let them listen to These Days!

It worked for me!

Rating: 10/10

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