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"Crush" Review 3 June 2001

Great .....but.......

A review by David Shake /

Bon Jovi came back......with CRUSH..... a powerfull album!!!!

IT'S MY LIFE - 9 Great, the new Livin' on a prayer

SAY IT ISN'T SO - 6 The first time I heard this one hated it , but after a lot of listening I think it's a good pop/rock song

THANK YOU.... - 7.5 The same old ballad.... but this is what we want by BJ...

TWO STORY TOWN - 7.5 A little strange... but I like it.

THE NEXT 100 ...- 8 Jon describe this song like the new Wanted... Mmmmh... I'm not sure.. but I love it (especially live)
JUST OLDER - 9.5 Pure BJ classic ... GREAT

MYSTERY TRAIN - 7.5 These Days sound.... Good melody.

SAVE THE WORLD - 5 A little bit boering... They could do something better of this

CAPTAIN - 5 R'n'r ?!!?? This is a pop song! ( I hate Oasis )

SHE'S A MYSTERY - 5 The same lyrics of Mistery train. It should be a b-side.....

I GOT THE GIRL - 8 Magic rock circus....

ONE WILD NIGHT - 10 A dream come true... the 80's are back

I COULD MAKE - 8.5 The new "I'll sleep..." , BJ mixed with AC/DC .

NEUROTICA - 8.5 Rock'n'roll never die!!!! BJ are alive

P.S: : B.side like Welcome to the good Times - Ain't No Cure for Love - Stay are better than song like She's a mystery or Save The World. It should be the best BJ album without this song!!!

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