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"One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001" Review 4 June 2001
Hey guys, wanna play being rubbish?

A review by Jovigirl /

I've just bought the new Bon Jovi-album "One wild night: live 1985-2001" and my first impression was: They have done better.

There were only a few songs, I never had heard live before, but the songs I had already heard live (in a different version) were not that good as I had expected. The live versions I already had, were much better!

My conclusion is: they should have made a cd of the concert in Wembley, London in 1995. They have made a live video of it and it was sooo awesome! They will never do a better concert! I already have most Live from London versions on a cd-single, but they have not put their best live songs on this One wild night-album. That's a pity. I didn't have the intention, to buy this one, but I felt guilty, so I bought it. But just because I think a real Bon Jovi-fan should have all their records. But I won't play this one too often....

I like Something to believe in and Someday I'll be Saturday night on the disc, but especially Livin' on a prayer was sooo terrible! The music was much too loud and didn't sound that good.

And the disc didn't contain the best Bon Jovi-songs. Who would have thought that Runaway and In and Out would be on it???

If I had the change to compilate my own Bon Jovi-live cd, it would contain the following songs:

1. Always - live from Wembley
2. Keep the Faith - live from Wembley
3. Livin' on a prayer - live from Wembley
4. Hey God - live from Wembley
5. You give love a bad name - live from Wembley
6. I'll sleep when I'm dead/papa was a rolling stone - Live from Wembley
7. This ain't a lovesong - Live from Wembley
8. Bed of Roses - date unknown
9. (It's hard) letting you go - date unknown
10. Something to believe in - One wild night live 1985 - 2001
11. Someday I'll be Saturday night - One wild night live 1985 - 2001
12. It's my life - date unknown
13. Dry County - date unknown
14. Miracle - is there a live version available?

I hope the next BJ-live album will be better, because this one is rubbish. Sorry Jon and the others... I'm really disappointed. You disappointed me with Crush and now you've disappointed me again :-((

I was sooo impressed by These Days and I thought you must be the best band ever and I do still think so, but Crush and One wild night live, could have been far better!!

Rating: 4/10

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