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"Crossroad" Review 4 June 2001
A great compilation!!

A review by whoawhoa

im only reviweing this cos my girl is gonna buy this, so i thoguht id smash a review out there for everyone too!!

living on a prayer - one of their greatest songs ever, nuff said. 10/10

keep the faith - real strong song, which a hugggge solo. i loev the depe lryics, its a sog which has kept me together many many times 10/10

someday ill be saturday night - another stomping track, hwihc is so awesome live, its a song in whihc everyone has felt like somedays, sometimes.... 8/10

always - perhaps their greatest ballad ever. My girl describe dthis as 'heartwrenching' very much so for those in deep deep love... 10/10

wanted dead or alive - a powerful solo, brillaint intro, excellent tempo, and a song which IS bon jovi. 10/10

Lay your hands on me - personally, the best solo bon jovi has ever done alongside dry county and next absoloutely MIND BLOWING song.... 10/10

you give love a bad name - a real fan favourite, one of those osngs which has everyoen singing along to 10/10

bed of roses - a lovely and meotional song...sighhhhh...the lyric 'ive got nothing to prove, for its you that id die to defend'..pricelss... 10/10

blaze of glory - a great song, which takes it place for being such a huge song...personally id rather them put blood on blood, cos its a band song.. 9/10

in these arms - i prefer this to ill be there for you, a top top top song 10/10

bad medicine - shake it up like bad medicine!! brilliant party song! hehe..brilliant, loud, a typical bon jovi power house.. 10/10

ill be there for you - still a brilliant song, which gets played live more then in these arms... 10/10

in and out of love - a song whihc i think they made a mistake on, eevn if they did spice it up for this record. I think they hsould have put either Hardest part is the night, only lonely or even king of the mountain, then this.... 7/10

runaway - i prefeer the acoustic verison, but ist still a top top song, song Jovi's first album. excellent fats paced song with strong solo! 9/10

never say goodbye - a great song, not quite as good as always or in these arms but still a heartbreaker - 9/10

Well there u ahve it!! This could be the setlist to a bon jovi concert, which is good, however i would have loved to see wild is the wind, wild in the streets, blood on blood on there...still an excellent compilation - Jovi at their best!

Rating: 10/10

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