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"Crush" Review 31 May 2000

One of the best of Bon Jovi. I just miss a bit the guitar solos. there aren't that much, but still great!

A review by Alex

Well, I bought the album last monday as the stores opened and I'm listening to it all the time. I can't get enough of it. I like it a lot, so let's talk about the songs:

The opener "It's my life" is a great rock n' roll song, it rocks a lot - like Bon Jovi in the 80's: 8/10.

Say it isn't so: 5/10, cause I'm still not familiar with it... I don't know why, I don't like it that much...

"Thank you..": A great ballad, which is beautiful as other ballads like "Always", "Bed of roses", just a way less intensive in way of singing it. 9/10

"Two story town": My favourite song! The melody and use of the instruments is great! Wonderful! 10/10

"Next 100 years": The beginnig is a bit crazy, but the song itself is alright and the final solo is sensational: 8/10

"Just older": Very rhythmic and powefull. It rocks! 8/10

"Mystery train": Other great surprise! Calm and beautiful. I like the atmosphere and the lyrics. Great! 9/10

"Save the world": The second ballad contains the power in the voice of Jon like in Always. A ballad which sounds like a hymn, very intensive. With other lyrics a 10/10, but this way 9/10

"Captain Crash...": Funny song with crazy lyrics. But it rocks, too. 7/10

"She's a mystery": Other "mystery"-song. I like the lyrics and the calmth of the song, but it's repetitive: 7/10

"I got the girl": good song which rocks, great Richie-solo: 7/10

"One wild night": A song which remember me of "Wild in the streets and 99 in the shade. Powerfull rock song withother great solo: 7/10

Other rankings: Keep the faith 10
These days 9
New Jersey 9
Slippery.. 9

Rating: 9/10

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