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"Crush" Review 31 May 2000
Powerful Return

A review by [_X_] /

Five years, were all we had to wait for this brand new record. Crush, is something more than an rock album, it's something modern, mature and very original. It's definitily an album that should change the Pop/Rocks's rume. The lyrics were never so mature, and the music it's something fresh on Rock's history.

Thank you for loving me have the necessary stuff to replace Always or Bed of Roses. Two story town, Save the World, Just Older are decididly tipical Bon Jovi songs, and if you listen to One Wild night, you will see yourself back into the 80's again. Captain Crash " the beauty queen from mars it's a very happy song, with wird lyrics and a total diferent music. The band couldn't make an better choice when they choose It's my life for the first single. First time i heard the music i felt my heart jumping.

Say it isn't so reminds me Someting for the Pain from These Days. It has happy lyrics and a pretty diferent music.

I think it's fair to call Blood on Blood II to one of the best and classic songs in the album: Just Older. Like on blood on blood this song talks about the most important thing on God's earth: Friendship ...

Next 100 years shows you what Richie Sambora is able to do with is guitar solos, and his chord ability. Richie, there's something you should know: YOU'RE THE BEST :)

Besides this tracks there's I Got The Girl and I Could Make a Living Out of Loving You, two hard rock songs, specially the last one... Finally you have the "mystery" ballads , She's a mystery and Mystery train.

The commentary is done, now i can finally thank to Drycounty, and invite them to visit my PTnet's #bonjovi homepage:

Before i leave i would like to thank Bon Jovi for the music...

Rating: 10/10

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