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"Crush" Review 31 May 2000
Not a Classic, BUT

A review by Martin /

So this is it - five years after - MY (not evryone's I guess!)personal fave BJ album "These Days" the guys are back in town. Well - as mentioned it ain t a classic record but still VERY worthwile listening to. Surely no Slippery remake but all in all the songs lack of something NEW (whatever that is?!)too many songs are reminders of others but let s go to the song by song section:

IT'S MY LIFE: Well what can I say? Everyone has heard it and I didn t hear anyone sayin it s a bad song! It s a GREAT return song for the guys - powerful chords and harmonies and a great chorus - what more can u wish. Reminds me LOTS of Livin on a prayer sometimes but it ain t a copy just because of Tommy and Gina and the talkbox. Huge hit already in Europe - guess the Americans still ain t ready for good rock music (just look at their charts boooooo!!!!)RATING: 10/10

SAY IT ISN T SO: Well have different thoughts on that one. First of all I think it has a very good guitar riff and also good verses BUT in my opinion the chorus sucks (at least a Bit - lol)The last time Jon sings it not that high and it sounds far better! He should have kept it that way all thru the song. Very Beatles - like, think it grows on you after a few more times but surely not the best song on the album
RATING: 5/10

THANK YOU FOR LOVING ME: Maybe you will kill me for this cause it seems evryone loves that song a lot but I think it s one of the weakest trax on the album. Just a 2nd class Bed of Roses meets Always but with one difference: These were powerful ballads and kinda original. TYFLM sounds just like a self parody of those - GREAT - tunes.
RATING: 2/10

TWO STOREY TOWN: Cool relaxed rock song with gets a smile on your face listening to. Sure there are similarities to Joan Osbornes "One of Us" (More than similarities I'd rather say) but I prefer this one to Ms Osborne (Anyone remember her being support act to BJ in 1996 - she was awful. Great when you re in a laid back mood!
RATING: 7/10

NEXT 100 YEARS: The more I listen to this one the more I like it. First time listening I thought: Naw - not that bad but no classic tune. Well now I that I've listened to it bout 15 times it keeps getting better and better - just listen to the orchestra those little bits and pieces in between and the last 2 1/2 minutes show Richie at his best.
Good One
RATING: 8/10

JUST OLDER: Love it since Jon's European Tour in 1998. The Blood on Blood of 2000, but I prefer this one. Best Lyrics of the album also. It just rocks and reminds you of all those glorious BJ times now and then:
RATING: 10/10

MYSTERY TRAIN: Anyone noticed the similarities to U2? In my opinion it sounds just like With or Without you (especially Jon's "WOOHOOOO" Part at the end of the song - MESSAGE TO BONO: DON T SUE EM CAUSE ITS A GREAT TUNE ALSO!)As I do love U2 and I think it s also not the typical BJ style it s one of the best tunes on the album!

SAVE THE WORLD: The best ballad of Crush. Very pathetic indeed but BJ have always been a bit pathetic and they are good at it. Pretty good melody and Jon with his best vocal performance. Not a Bed of Roses Copy like SOng Nr. 3 !
RATING: 8/10

CAPTAIN CRASH: WOW - what a funny and great song. Makes you smile all the way thru. "We re invincible" - INDEED if you offer such cool songs - also not a typical BJ tune which makes it even more interesting - some kinda new direction. Would be a good single - way better than Say it isn t so!
RATING: 10/10

SHE'S A MYSTERY: Evryone seems to hate this song - LIKE ME. What is this??? SOrry guys this song just makes you fall asleep but nothing more - such a boring song and kinda weak lyrics also. How can you keep this song on the album and put great tunes like "You can t lose at love" , "Hush" and - especially - "I don't wanna live forever" on the B-Sides?? This song is not only the worst BJ song of all time but also one of the worst trax I have heard in a while!
RATING: 0/10

I GOT THE GIRL: This one could be on Slippery! Big chorus - fast rythm - kinda WIld in the Streets flavour and I like it a lot. In the beginning you think - oh my another slow song - but the chorus is very fresh and makes it a pretty good one
RATING: 8/10

ONE WILD NIGHT: Man - what a song what a guitar riff - This song blows you away - one of the finest BJ trax ever!
If this song will be the opener for the tour I am gonna crush on the floor - AWESOME! It could only be topped as the concert opener by "In and out of love" but I guess Jon forgot about a record called "7800 Fahrenheit" right Jonny???

I COULD MAKE A LIVIN...: Well it s a bonus track and not more. Kinda AC/DC like and pretty unsual for the guys but at least it rocks. Reading the title I thought it would be another ballad BUT it s an OK song!
RATING: 7/10

NEUROTICA: Just listening to it for the first time as I am writing this review. Hey this also rocks - why do only Japanese fans get it - It s a shame - She s a mystery would ve been nuff as a bonus track. This track rocks BIG TIME I think!!!!!! GREAT!

RATING: 9/10

OVERALL: 7,5/10

It should ve been a clear 8/10 BUT 0,5 less because of the missing album lyrics and the songwriter credits (does anyone know where to get em?!?!?)Bu in these days of all those crappy pop plastic boybands this is a pretty good return of Rock. Which other bad can offer you straight melodic Rock today? You have to think looooong. Bon Jovi and Def Leppard are the last melodic heroes!

Other BJ album ratings:

1) These Days: 9,5/10
2) New Jersey: 9/10
3) Slippery: 8,5/10
4) Bon Jovi: 7,5/10
5) Keep the Faith:7,5/10
6) 7800 Fahrenheit: 7/10

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