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"Slippery When Wet" Review 28 June 2001
definately, not the best

This can't be their best!

A review by LuvDaJaws /

Why do most Bon Jovi fans say that there favorite cd is (fill in the blank), being a Bon Jovi fan has nothing to do with favorite cds, but favoring there music and work. This is why people who say "Slippery When Wet" was the best cd. No it isnt, it has some masterpieces in its work, but it not the best cd...

Here's a complete evaluation of what is and isnt a masterpiece needed to be reckonized...

1. "Let It Rock"
This one is definately a beauty, the begging rocks, and you can tell the guys are having one hell of a time singing this song...

2. "You Give You A Bad Name"
This is a short living "screaming" song that only made them money. It definately means nothing else...

3. "Linin' On A Prayer"
Can't go wrong with this. But....Its not their best, (athough many say it is)...

4. "Social Disease"
This song isnt fun, but has a funny begginning. Sadly, though, fun is more important than comedy...

5. "(Wanted) Dead Or Alive"
This song has lost its power over the years. But, it'll never die because this is Jon's favorite song to on...

6. "Raise Your Hands"
Masterpiece! And its perfect live! It has its motavation and power, "When you wanna let it go, raise your hands!"...

7. "Without Love"
I personally don't like it so I can't give a fair rating, sorry...

8. "Die For You"
This song is like "Runawy 2", I picture it like this...shes a runaway, Jon finds her, they grow into loving each other, and he sings "I'd Die For You", perfect. The music, lyrics, and theme is all too perfect!

9. "Never Say Goodbye"
Is this a ballad? Is this a rock song? Its far too "iffy" and and too much of a classic to get a good rating from me...

10. "Wild In The Streets"
Hell yeah, a great motavational rock song to end the suffering album...

You see, it started with a bang and ended with one, but...there were only 2 more bangs in the middle. These 4 masterpieces need reconized more at concerts, and I'm very happy to read current set lists and finding "Raise Your Hands" and "Wild In The Streets" I cant wait till the come to Pittsberg...

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Thank you for your time, and "Keep the Faith"!

Rating: 4/10

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