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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 30 June 2001
A masterpiece...rarely reckonize

This is far better than the more talked about CDs

A review by Luv Da Jews /

Do you know how rare it is for me to give a CD a "9", well, its VERY rare,lol. I mostly talk about Cds not being "perfect" because you can only have so many masterpieces, well....this one has PLENTY of classic masterpieces. In fact, its only 1 shy.

1. "In And Out Of Love"
Definately a party song, one Never on the radio, even though it was a single.... when i throw a party this songs normally takes the cake.

2. "Price Of Love"
Another beautiful rock song....the lyrics, feeling, music, everything kicks..

3. "Only Lonley"
Here it is...Bon Jovi's first ballad, you have to know this song is good cuz they made more ballads after this, so they must've done something right this first time..

4. "King Of The Mountain"
This is my personal favorite on the ablum, it has a really stong messege, its a masterpiece...P.S. good sound

5. "Silent Night"
Ballad number "2" in Bon Jovi's group career, and this one kicks too, just not as, it gets it high rating from the music, not lyrics

6. "Tokyo Road"
I don't like its enviroment or begginning as much as most people do, so im not a true fan of this song, therefore it doesnt get my best approval.

7. "The Hardest Part Is The Night"
I love the begginning, I love the lyrics, this is the 3rd best on the album...oh yeah!

8. "Always Run To You"
2nd best on the album, this song is awsome, and it comes with great motavational feeling...

9. "(I Don't Want To Fall) To The Fire"
Well, you've been waiting for the one exception, and here it is....this song really sucks, it seems like one of those tracks they made because they had to....

10. "Secret Dreams"
Beautiful song that i really apreciate. Great finisher of a "almost" perfect album...

Well, there you have it, looks like everytime i write a review we get closer and closer to finding "the perfect one", but not this time...
Until next time.....Keep the Faith
Instant Message me at (LuvDaJews) at AOL, thank you for your attention!

Rating: 9/10

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