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"7800 Fahrenheit" Review 5 July 2001
its 7800 F... but is it hot?

A review by slippery86

this is the one often described as their worst CD, but its not actually that bad. the first track In and Out of Love is good and wouldve been better save for the chorus and the instrumental bit when they talk about going on the bus with their girlfriends or something. The Price of Love is also good and Only Lonely is even better. only lonely probably has the best lyrics. King of the Mountain is bearable but a bit annoying. Silent Night is an early ballad, its not a classic like livin in sin, bed of roses, never say goodbye etc. but its alright. Tokyo road is OK but boring, except for the instumental. the Hardest part is the Night is amazing, its a bit dark and a bit like Id die for you. always run to you is nearly as good. to the fire is ok but a let-down. secret dreams is a good "last track" but some of the lyrics are a bit weird, but its chorus is catchy. overall, a few brill tracks let down by a few bad ones... check out hardest part is the night cos it ROCKS!

Rating: 7/10

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