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"Crush" Review 6 July 2001
STILL.....Nobody does it better

Why Crush is just as good?

A review by Joseph Scheffler /

Alright, I'm from the new generation, SO SHOOT ME!!! "It's My Life" was released and I embarked on an adventure I thought would never happen, a trip back to the 80's. Here I go, buying up the best of the Hair Metal that I could find. I hear people calling AC/DC the greatest, because they never change. And yes, I am a huge fan of AC/DC, but let's face it...after 20 years, the sound starts to sound very repetitive. So two thumbs up to Bon Jovi, YOU'VE MODIFIED A SOUND THAT ROCKED 15 years ago, and IT STILL ROCKS TODAY! Shame on you fans for being quick to attack Bon Jovi, they are doing what they did so many years ago, PLAYING COMMERCIAL MUSIC. I don't care what you say, "Livin' on a Prayer" was a commercial masterpiece! So now, they make music that is set for commercial play in this day of age, ANYBODY SEE A PROBLEM WITH THAT???

The truth is Bon Jovi changed absolutely nothing, they are playing exactly what they always have, GOOD RADIO TUNES! And you can ask any kid around, but "It's My Life" was definitely a party song for the Summer last year, TRUST ME I HEARD IT A LOT! I salute Jon for really not changing his ways, because this CD rocks in the NEW MILENNIUM--- NOT IN 1985!

As far as the live shows not being as exciting, and the stage show being weak. Ok, I liked the concert I went to and I mean, the guy is like 39 years old! He is not going to pull Superman and fly over the fans anymore, so DEAL WITH IT! Great Band-Great Music-Great Show

Keep On Rockin' Jon, Richie, Dave, & Tico

Rating: 9/10

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