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"Keep The Faith" Review 7 July 2001
KTF Review

A review by hoodlooms /

Hey, guys...

So Ive been a BJ fan since New Jersey came out, I have all of their records, and I heard them over and over, I just dont get tired of hearing one of the greatest band in the world!!!

After hearing tha band with the New Jersey album then get separated, then come back with KTF, at first you ask yourself.. "Is that Bon Jovi?", `cause I mean its a big difference from NJ to KTF...but I think they evolved in a great way...

KTF sounds great, there are like 2 songs that I dont get but hell, the rest of it is great, so here it is the review of each song..

1. I BELIEVE: I personally love this one, I mean the lyrics are great and the chorus is perfect... 10/10

2. KEEP THE FAITH: I didnt like this one the first time I heard it, but then I heard it a couple times more, and I found out the bass is pretty cool, and the same with the lyrics...but still.... 9/10

3. I'LL SLEEP WHEN IM DEAD: This one is great, I love the drums, and to hear this live is excellent...I recomend it live.... 10/10

4.IN THESE ARMS: A kind of ballad, thats what I dont like about it, its not a upbeat song, but its not a ballad either... 7/10

5. BED OF ROSES: See, I dont like this song, I think is one of the both songs I dont like of BJ, and both of them are ballads...:-( 2/10

6. IF I WAS YOUR MOTHER: I still dont get the lyrics, but I like the sound of it........ 8/10

7. DRY COUNTY: Sheesh, what can you say about a song so great?...this song is one of the best of BJ, I mean the solo is fantastic, the lyrics are great, i doesnt deserve a ten, it deserves more...a great musical achievement......... 11/10

8. WOMAN IN LOVE: This one is average...I dont have to much to say..... 8/10

9. FEAR: A great rock song, I would love to hear it live.... 9/10

10. I WANT YOU: Its kind of like in these arms, or I least sometimes I confuse them...I like this better than the other......... 8/10

11. BLAME IN ON THE LOVE OF ROCK & ROLL: I like this one specially the lyrics... 8/10

12. LITTLE BIT OF SOUL: Dont have to much to say about this one, but hey is BJ............. 8/10

I think the title KTF serves the album right, taking in consideration what they being through...

As I sayed ther evolved in a great way, and its good their still evolving, `cause personally I wouldnt like to hear a Livin On a Prayer in each album...

To all the fans KTF Always...

And to the new fabs who hadnt seen BJ Live... What are you waiting for?, its very exciting to hear them live...

Any comments, feel free to send them to my mail...

THX...See u soon

Rating: 9/10

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