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"Crush" Review 1 June 2000
Blame It On the Love of Rock And Roll

Brilliant Album

A review by Nick Lowe /

Everyone has been saying that Crush has gone back to the "Slippery" era. I disagree, but in my view the album has created a style of its own.

1. Its my life - Excellent song, probably the only one that sounds like a song from Slippery When Wet. Jon Bon Jovi could have quite easily called it Living On A Prayer 2000! 9/10

2. Say It Isn't So - Very Ziggy Stardust. Jon is obviously influenced by David Bowie and it shows in this song. I like it, but it shouldn't be the next single. 8/10

3. Thank You For Loving Me - Listen to this song with good quality headphones and the mix is absolutely fantastic. Its another luvie duvie from the boys and will sell well. 8/10

4. 2 Story Town - BRILLIANT! I like this one. Sounds rather like Eagle Eyed Cherie, but more rocked up. It has soul and feel and really gets going. 9/10

5. Next 100 years - The structure of this song is weird, but the song is excellent. The start of the song sounds like All I Want Is Everything, then goes to something the Stereophonics did and then goes to traditional Bon Jovi a bit like Blood on Blood. 9/10

6. Just Older - Excellent! Whole song is fantasic. What can I say. Sums up the band well. They aren't old or stale. They are just simply.....Older 10/10

7. Mystery Train - Shouldn't be on the album, should have been an extra on Destination Anywhere. I do not like this one. A waste of a track. They should have put HUSH in this place. 4/10

8. Save the World - This song has REALLY grown on me and I love this one. It is different to any Bon Jovi song and its something different and the accompanying orchestra really makes this song something. 10/10

9. Captain Crash - I am not saying a word about this song. Just LOOK! 10/10!

10. She's a mystery - Just rubbish. Should put I DONT WANT TO LIVE FOREVER instead of this one. A waste of a track 2/10

11. I got the girl - Starts off like "Staring at your suitcase", but then gets into it. A weird structure, but still fantastic. 8/10

12. One Wild Night - Like 99 In the Shade. FANSTASTIC SONG!!! A real stadium one! 10/10

13. I Could Make A Living Out Of Loving You - Fanstastic. Deff Leppard like. Love the James Brown bit. VERY chunky. 9/10

Rating: 9/10

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