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"New Jersey" Review 12 July 2001
New Jersey Review

A review by hoodlooms /

Ok...every band has its exceptionally good album, and I think BJ`s is the New Jersey album...`cause I mean the album is pure rock, and correct me if im wrong thats whats all about...

When I heard the first BJ song on the NJ album, it made me a fan, then I started to listen to the other ones, and wow, they rock...

So as always here is my rating for each song...

1.LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME: They have a strong and nice intro, somewhere I read is the longest intro on a rock song (but I dont know if its true, I mean I havent heard all the rock songs), the song is pure r n r....... 10/10

2. BAD MEDICINE: Like Lay your hands on me, they start uo with the chorus, I like the lyrics, and I specially love the guitar solo.......... 10/10

3. BORN TO BE MY BABY: You cannot classified this like a bllad just for the lyrics, I think is a great rock track.............. 10/10

4. LIVIN IN SIN: A great ballad, I like it because its not to slow, I love the way Jon sings it....... 10/10

5. BLOOD ON BLOOD: Its like the old Just Older, it talks about Jons childhood............. 9.5/10

6. HOMEBOUND TRAIN: I like Jons scream at the start, its a shame that Jons voice it not like it used to be, but he still sings great..................... 10/10

7. WILD IS THE WIND: The guitar on this song its just great, it fills the song with emotion, a real artist, its that who achieves to tranmit to the audience their feelings their emotions, thats why I like BJ............. 10/10

8. RIDE COWBOY RIDE: This one its the one I hate the most, in the first place it wasnt written bu any of the guys, so Im just gonna pretend it doesnt even exist....

9. STICK TO YOUR GUNS: The lyrics on this one had gotten me through some hard times, I love this one........ 10/10

10. ILL BE THERE FOR YOU: The best BJ ballad, I mean this is just great, I like the guitar, and the lyrics are great........ 11/10

11. 99 IN THE SHADE: After listening to this song several times, I couldnt help but notice, there is some kind of Elvis imitation, correct me if Im wrong, if you dont know what Im talkin about, try listening carefully the next time, um sorry, back to the rating...its a great rock song...... 10/10

12. LOVE FOR SALE: I like this one, `cause it has some blues air........ 10/10

Some may say Im exagerating, but hey, you got to rate fairly a great album...

Please send me tour comments...



Rating: 10/10

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