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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 15 July 2001
Blaze Of Glory

A review by Sebastiaan / P.vdheiden@hetnet.nl

Now I have finally bought all the Bon Jovi records Iíll start with reviewing all the CDís. The first review I will do is Blaze of Glory, Jonís solo record. Just like all the other people who are reviewing the records I will also rate all the songs.

When I did put this record in the CD-player, I was a bit disappointed for the fist time when I had listened to the whole record. But when I listened to it for more times I began to appreciate Jonís fist solo record. Though I still think that itís not as good as I expected. I think it sounds a bit like a collection of B-sides from the album ďNew JerseyĒ . But itís also a soundtrack from the movie ďYoung Guns IIĒ, and thatís probably the reason why it sounds so much like country and western. But I still think it sounds like a collection of B-sides.

1.Billy Get Your Guns.
A good rock song. When I bought the cd maxi single ďJanie, Take Your Love To TownĒ, there was a live version of this song. I think this version is better than the original.
Because the original sounds a bit to much like a studio recording. And why didnít Jon give Elton John a piano solo, now itís not that special that heís playing on that song. Even every guy could have played his part. (7/10)

2. Miracle.
This song is not good. It sounds so boring, the whole time the same sounds, nothing special. The song has got atmosphere, but not the kind of atmosphere Iím looking for.

3. Blaze Of Glory.
Now this is a real good Jon Bon Jovi song. It sounds just like the group Bon Jovi, But than just a bit different, with that special sort guitar , and a chorus, thatís easy to sing with. Jeff Beck did the guitar solo, so I donít understand why heís not in the video. This one is a real
good song for a cowboy movie (10/10)

4. Blood Money.
When youíve seen the movie, youíll understand this song much better. It tells the story about Pet Gerrit, a sheriff who takes money to kill his friend, otherwise he will be the one who will be killed, the lyrics are great, the music not. The end is also too fast faded away(6/10)

5. Santa Fe.
This is a bit the same story as Pat Gerrit in Blood Money but with violins in the music. Itís just that the song is not interesting, itís missing something, I donít know what.(6/10)

6. Justice In The Barrel
What a great intro ! And when the guitars start to play youíd think that this is the highlight from the whole album. But itís not that kind of rock song youíd expect. This song deserves the kind of guitar solo like ďDry CountyĒ. If it would have had that kind of solo I would have given it a 10/10. But this song has got a good atmosphere. (7/10)

7. Never Say Die
I would have liked more of this songs on the album. This is a good, fast rock song. A good guitar solo between every couplet, this songs reminds you of the good times of Billy The Kid. (10/10)

8. You Really Got Me Now.
This song sounds like theyíve recorded it in the saloon. This sounds like a B-side to me or a bonus track. It wouldíve been nice to put this song in the movie, for example when Billy is entering the saloon and Jonís Playing a concert. But this song is just a filler, I think. (4/10)

9. Bang A Drum
This song is a bit like a gospel song, Jonís entering a church and talking to the preacher and than he starts to pray for the whole country and western scene. I donít think this song belongs at this record at all, more a B-side for ďMiracleĒ. (6/10)

10.Dying Ainít Much Of A Living
This is a good ending for this record, itís a bit of a sad story. This song is good for the part when one of Billyís best friends got shot down. This song has got a good atmosphere and good lyrics but this is also a song thatís missing something. 8/10

11.Guano City.
Whatís this? This has got nothing to do with this record, I didnít follow the news when this record was released so maybe Jon said something about it. But to me this songs means nothing to me. Though I like the end, It is like thereís something coming up, maybe a hidden track, but no, this track is really the end of this album. (1/10)

Rating: 5,9

Rating: 6/10

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