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"Crush" Review 16 July 2001

A review by Goujons

This album has a totally different sound to other BJ cds. It's way more "happy" and the songs are perhaps less serious than others in their lyrics.

1. It's My Life- a great,modern anthem which really gets the crowds going at concerts. I like the computer voice by Richie and the lyrics are strong. A great one to sing along to. 10/10

2. Say it isn't So- A different sound from other, more popular BJ tracks. The lyrics are simple but effective and the guitar has a good sound. I'm glad to hear David getting a solo! I'm not sure about the high vocals in the courus and it gets very repetitive. 7/10

3. Thank you for Loving me- Like "Always", the lyrics sound like the heart and the build up is great where the guitar and drums come into their own. You have to be in a certain mood to listen to this track. 8/10

4. Two Story Town- This is a great track. It has a "cowboy" sound and a catchy courus. I can't really fault it. 10/10

5. Next 100 Years- The first part sounds like "Don't look back in Anger" by Oasis. The melody is sound but this is more "tamed" than other tracks. Richie's solos rocks! It perhaps drags on too much at the end. 9/10

6. Just Older- A great song but makes them sound like an "old" band. This has feeling. 10/10

7. Mystery train- muted. very relaxing, but not a good song, it doesn't have that BJ energy. 6/10

8. Jon's voice is nice at the start, but this song is terrible. The lyrics are cheesy and the tune doesn't make up for them. 4/10

9. Captain Crash.. - This is more like it, the guitar is great, the lyrics fun and catchy. you'll go around singing this for hours! 10/10

10. She's a mystery- This track is, again, too tame. This is the one that I usually skip, it's dull. 4/10

11. I Got the Girl- A great song which has energy, good lyrics and an upbeat feeling. 10/10

12. One Wild Night- This version has much more feeling than the current one and the sound is heavier. the line "you're never gonna believe.." is however better missed out. So much more Bon Jovi than "She's a mystery". 10/10

13. I could make a living...- The lyrics are poor and don't really mean anything, the guitar is good however as is the intro. It's a fun tune. 9/10

14 and 15 are just repeats of 1 and 2 mixed so as they have a more pop sound.

In conclusion, it's catchy, fresh, with a variety of sounds (some too boring!) and some great guitar solos. The good songs make up for the poor ones.

Rating: 995283215/10

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