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"Bon Jovi" Review 17 July 2001
fans-wake up!!

A review by the real fan


My review is not about 'bon jovi', the cd, it's about the band. the best band in the world.

And mostly I talk to the fans, but now to this spacific website too. You've just gone too far. How can you, as fans or as inventors of this site,write such terrible things about the band you love?! The fans-check out the reviews, latest or earliest, each one is worse than the other. People who call themselves 'fans' write curses and bad things about BJ, their songs, cd's and themselves. Horrible things. And now, the last place I expected such thing is this site - dry county. I've been voting all the polls, until now. What is this stupid idea?! 'What is the worst BJ song?!' have you gone totally crazy?!?! You're supposed to be a fan site, if I'm not mistaken. Anyway, that's the impression I got until now. So what if just someone suggested this poll. YOU- as a fan site, should NOT publish it!! Maybe all of you are blind, but it's not a poll question for a fan site. It's a poll question of a nazism site, against Bon Jovi!!
I've written about it so many times, hoping for a change, and nothing happens, just gets worse.
But I never give up, and I never stop hoping, (because I have faith-I've learned this thing from a BJ song, and you know what? not like all of you, I think it's great) so now I hope for a real change, and I believe Dry County should start it, but taking off this awful poll question.
Still waiting,
the real fan

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