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"Bon Jovi" Review 19 July 2001
Response to "real fan"

A review by Sambora Girl /

This also is not a CD review but a response to "real fan" who entered a concern about this site. I don't know if this will be published where "real fan" will be able to read it but I hope so. I couldn't agree with you more. Dry County is the best website I have ever come accross as a Bon Jovi fan. I read every review, I follow up on every article that the site provides and, for the most part, I look forward to answering the poll questions. Until now. A question such as "What is the worst Bon Jovi song ever?" A true fan should not be able to answer that. Sure constructive critism is always nice, but I agree that you people at Dry County would be showing just how great of fans you all are if you were to take that question off of the poll. I was so glad to read that someone else agreed with the fact that it is a horrible question. I have loved Bon Jovi since I can remember and I will keep on loving them forever. They have gave so much to us fans over the years, I just hope that fan sites like this will keep giving back the respect Bon Jovi well deserves.

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