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"Crossroad" Review 25 July 2001
A perfect money machine

It's not made for the true fans, but it's not nessecary a bad release

A review by David Wedege Petersen /

A compilation. Well, that's a collection of hit songs from an old band or an artist. In 1994, Bon Jovi had 10 years and five band albums behind. Was it the right time to release a compilation then, with only five albums? My answer is maybe. It's a fact, that it's was ordered by the record company. And it's clear, that it's not made for the fans, but for all those, who like Bon Jovi a bit, but haven't got their albums yet. But at least, very few bands is able to release such a hit parade with only five albums behind. Bon Jovi could really do it.
So when i got this album seven years ago, almost all the tracks was something, i had heard thousands of times before.

Okay, there are two bonus tracks, and Something I'll Be Saturday Night is the whole buy worth! A great song about being down, but knowing that things will turn someday. It has meant a lot to me through the years.
Always is some of those ballads, that makes me puke! Sorry, it's just my own opinion and has nothing to do with ballads at all. Well, it's a romantic thing, but here it has gone too far! I believe, it was only made for airplay and selling bunches of singles. Just like Crossroad - It's just all about making a great business. And with Bon Jovi - it bloody works!

At all, Crossroad is a useless thing for a real fan, but Someday... is it all worth, and almost makes forget everything else. A very big 10 for that song! 0 for the rest. That means five...

Rating: 5/10

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