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"Keep The Faith" Review 29 July 2001
Keep The Faith...couldn't have said it better!

The best thing about this album and the band in general is that it gives you something to cling to. It gives faith....

A review by SaraCat /

No doubt about it, one of their classics and one of the best Bon Jovi albums out there. Keep the Faith was a shout out loud to everyone who has ever felt down. To say this one spoke to people is an understatement. It didn't speak, it screamed.

1. I Believe: At first I thought this track should have come second, and Keep the Faith should have come first. Then I realized that I Believe was simply building us up for the energy and emotion that Keep the Faith was packed with. I Believe was charged with energy and determination. The declarations were fierce and the instrumentals driving.A good beginning.

2. Keep the Faith: What can I say about this one? What words can possibly be used to do this song justice? It's an anthem for all Bon Jovi fans, who don't want to ever see them fade into oblivian. It's a motto for life....something for us to believe in. When you hear it, it's like it's inside of you.

3. I'll Sleep When I'm Dead: This is a great song to follow Keep the Faith I think because I'll Sleep When I'm Dead is perfect Rock'n's cocky, it's fun and it's driving. I love David Bryan's almost church-like piano playing in this one....great track.

4. In These Arms: Not really a ballad, but I think it deserves ballad status. I really like this one. Next to Keep the Faith I think it's the best track on the CD. Romantic lyrics, sung fiercly with powerful instramentals in the background. Beautiful song with a beautiful message.

5. Bed of Roses: Your quintessential Bon Jovi ballad. A statement of what they are about. Great beats and powerful lyrics. This was a classic the minute it hit the radio. You can't help but light up your lighter and sway it in the air when you here this song.

6. If I Was Your Mother: I really like the cello in this song. Interesting lyrics with a very different style. I heard some derogatory comments on this one, but it's one of my favourites on the CD and a perfect lead-in to Dry County.

7. Dry County: Probably the most socially conscious song on the album. This time around the band had grown in maturity, songwriting, and intelligence and this song proves it. I really enjoy the storyline, as well as the instramentals. Richie's solo was amazing and Jon's voice powerful.

8. Woman In Love: An utterly frivolous and forgettable song. After the maturity of Dry County, this song seems childish and immature in comparison. It's a shame this followed Dry County.

9. Fear: This one was really different from the rest of the album. It was darker than the optimism the album displayed, but despite that, I really liked it. Good solid Bon Jovi.

10. I Want You: This seems like another extension of In These Arms. I don't really see anything unique about this one personally. It's a skip-over track and one that I feel would have been better recieved in the middle or the beginnig of the CD, rather than near the end.

11. Blame It On The Love Of Rock'n Roll: This is definately Jon's way of saying 'check me out, I love what I do' to the fans. It lets us feel part of the music and clap our hands and sing along.

12. Little Bit of Soul: Not sure what they were trying to prove with this one, but whatever it was, they failed. This is my least favourite track on the album. A bit of an anticlimactic ending to such a high charged CD.

All in all, this album has become a staple in our society and for good reason. Feeling down in life? No long as you KEEP THE FAITH!


Rating: 9/10

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