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"New Jersey" Review 1 August 2001
Absolut my favourite

A review by Richie Marcello /

Wow, I'm just over 5 months a really BJ fan, (I have to say, I like the harder stuff of European Hard-rockbands) but I consider this record as one of the best: It's quite hard (the guitar sound) and there is a lot of music difference.

1. LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME: First when I heard this song, I didn't like it all, but now I realise the very strong power of the song, on of the best Richie Sambora solo and the live-performance which I saw on the video of this CD. This was very coool with a lot of firework, very very cool. 10/10

2.BAD MEDICINE: I liked this song of its 'strange' lyrics, but after a few months, I consider it be as one of the worst songs by BJ. Straight-to-the-point boring American hard rock. Live, the song is OK. 6/10

3.BORN TO BE MY BABY: Clear: excellent song. The song progression is a bit predictable, but the lyrics are good, and the music either. 9/10

4.LIVNG IN SIN: Wow, when I first heard it, I thought that it was a boring song, with too less guitar and no backing vocals. Although I'm a big fan of BJ, I've never liked JBJ himself, due to his ego. After a couple of time, I began to appreciate this song, and guess, because of JBJ his voice at the end, magnificent!!!! 10/10

5.BLOOD ON BLOOD: Basically, it is very strong and good, but when I heard it too much, I began to find it a bit 'all of the same'. Lyrics are very good anyway! That's why it's still 8/10

6.HOMEBOUND TRAIN: In this record, there is no good line, it's too confusing, both the guitar and the voice. No more left to say, except how it drops into the next song. 6/10

7.WILD IS THE WIND: Except Dry County, this is the best song of BJ, everything is perfect: (backing)voices, guitars, song progression. It deserves more than just a 10 so that's why 11/10

8.RIDE COWBOY RIDE: I do not understand at all why they putted this on the album: It's really embarrassing. A stupid song, but a sense of humour on the other hand. 3/10

9.STICK TO THEIR GUNS: Magnificent how they build up this song, the transition from Ride Cowboy ride to this song is to get 'Goose flesh', particularly: So I wanna be a cowboy, very good 9/10

10. I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU: One of the best ballads ever, it is heavy, lyrics are excellent, Richie is best ever (voicing) and the song is very emotional 10/10

11. 99 IN THE SHADES: It is quite a nice song, not specifically. If you know Get Ready from Bon Jovi, you recognise the song immediately. Anyway, it is nice 8/10

12. LOVE FOR SALE: The only thing I can say is that this song contains a nice sense of humour again. The lyrics are funny and the conversation between Jon and Richie are laugh-making. 7/10

All mixed up, this album is one of favourites ever!!!! 9/10 Well done boys!!! When are we going to record a similar album??????????

Rating: 9/10

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