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"Blaze Of Glory" Review 2 August 2001

A review by Swinging Queen /

In my opinion, this is the best solo album from a member of Bon Jovi. I bought the album before seeing the film and absolutely loved the songs for their powerful lyrics and melodies. After seeing the film, I love it even more as I can understand the themes of betrayal, hope, etc;even though I already knew the story. It's a pity that more songs couldn't be used in the film, as it was easy to find an appropriate place for each one.

1)Billy Get Your Guns......This is a fast, power-rock song and follows the traditions of BJ's song from the 80s in its speed and catchiness. It's a song addressing Billy the Kid, telling him to have courage, and the song cleverly uses loads of imagery from the film (I've seen a hangman dancing in the pale moonlight...)

2)Miracle......I really like this one, it's superficially a song without hope (It's gonna take a miracle to save us this time), but then becomes more optimistic towards (I believ that you can fly...). It has a really pretty melody and is kind of a mellow power-ballad.

3)Blaze Of Glory.....Obviously and unequivocally a fantastic and evocative song. Kind of a continuation of Wanted Dead Or Alive.....great guitar/piano and vocals.

4)Blood Money.....This song really makes me cry. It's about betrayal, and has a gorgeous tune. I wish it were longer (it's only 2:34), as I could listen to that tune for ages.

5)Santa Fe.....epic and effective song, with a brilliant string arrangement. It's a bit like the fantastic Dry County, about the drying up of hope (Now I ain't getting imto heaven/If the devil has his way). I think that this song would sound amazing in the film.

6)Justice In The Barrel......again, an epic song.It has Indian chants at the beginning, and has a really good melody.

7)Never Say Die.....catchy, rocky, a song of hope and solidarity.

8)You Really Got Me Now......a little blues song with Little Richard. Really upbeat....reminds me of Love For Sale. It doesn't seem to fit with the other, more serious songs; but it's still great to listen to.

9)Bang A absolute favourite on the album. I've heard others saying that the Gospel choir is a mistake, but I think the whole song sounds gorgeous, and Jon's voice sounds amazing, especially when he and the choir sing acapella at the end...I can't describe it.

10)Dyin' Ain't Much Of A Livin'.......pessimistic yet profound, like Santa Fe (Is it too late to ask for forgiveness/For the things that i have done...).You can really tell that Elton John plays the piano on this, and all tha music sounds great.

11)Guano City.....a section from the musical score from the film (not a JBJ song). But it sounds OK, and obviously reminds you of the film.

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