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"Crush" Review 3 August 2001
Not old, just older

It just keeps getting better

A review by Tash /

Bon Jovi is just getting better, and this album shows just how good they are. On every Bon Jovi album there is a weaker track, in this case it is She’s a mystery. But otherwise this album is one of their best.

Its my life. 10/10
This anthem is probably the 90's version of livin' on a prayer, this song is where Tommy and Gina make their first appearance since 1986. Jon does a great job singing, and Ritchie again brings back a Bon Jovi icon from the 80's, the voice box. The chorus is what makes this song, great bass line and Tico does a great job.

Say it isn't so. 8/10
This isn't one of my favorite songs, it isn't typical Bon Jovi. Unfortunately i give this song an 8, Great clip.

Thank you for loving me. 9/10
I love this song, but i have a feeling it is too much like I'll be there for you.

Two story town. 7/10
This isn't one the best songs on the album but i think it has proved itself. Maybe the lyrics in the chorus could've been thought about a bit more.

Next 100 years. 9/10
This song is great! The solos in this song make it one of the best on the album.

Just older. 10/10
This song rocks! Jon does a great job on the vocals and i think that it's obvious what this song is about.

Mystery train. 7/10
The chorus is a little weak but otherwise this song is very good.

Save the world. 10/10
GREAT SONG! This song proves Bon Jovi still has what it takes! The lyrics were more appropriate for Armageddon then I don’t want to miss a thing, but i think this song was good for Airforce One.

Captain crash & the beauty queen from mars. 10/10
Finally a different kind of song, I love this song and so should everyone else!

She’s a mystery. 6/10
This song isn't Bon Jovi, I don’t like it much and I think it shouldn't be there.

I got the girl. 8/10
Great chorus! I think it's very sweet the way Jon talks about his daughter, this song was a great choice for the album.

One wild night. 10/10
My favorite song from Crush! i prefer this version to the live version but this song is great!

I could make a living out of loving you. 8/10
This song shouldn't have been a bonus track! Maybe if this song was to replace She’s a mystery this album would be typical Bon Jovi.

Neurotica. 9/10
Ritchie does a great job with his guitar in this song! Again I think this shouldn't be a bonus track.

Rating: 9/10

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