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"Bon Jovi" Review 4 August 2001
Youth and Power

If you want power, you want this

A review by luvdajews /

Well, this was there first effort to sell to the hard-to-get fans of the world, the boys didn't know each other, rarely seen each other play before, they were just 5 guys from Jersey that wanted to make a record, and a damn good record the made...

"Runaway"-the song that made the big times, this song has power and emotion, but definately isn't the best compared to the other tracks on the cd 8/10

"Roulette"-fantastic guitars, great meledy, lyrics, and power, this far, the best on the cd 10+/10

"She Don't Know Me"-catchy tune, but thats it 2/10

"Shot Through The Heart"-hmmmm sounds familiar, but if you guys know what's good music ya'll vote for this song as "when jon had the best voice", this song has strength and power, but i'm 14 years old...and when i sing along the voice depth is the same as jon's, (thats shows how young they were, lol) 10/10

"Love Lies"-some say its their first ballad, i say their first ballad was "Silent Night", this is just a mellowed out rock song that tells everyone how much love lies 8/10

"Breakout"-"take these chains from me" lol, good song, hard rock, good score 9/10

"Burning For Love"-not my favorite but its ok when you think about it from all perspectives 8/10

"Come Back"-i wish the albums power would "come back" after this song 8/10

"Get Ready"-what am i getting ready for, i know all their fantastic album's, but im not getting ready for this song 1/10

Over all it, its a great start for a developing band, and smart people would know they were gonna hit it big after "Runaway" was released
Keep the FAith

Rating: 7/10

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