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"Crossroad" Review 4 August 2001
my favorite song ever is in it so..

this is one of my fave CD EVER!!

A review by forever devoted /

ok this cd is absolutely one of the greatest in all time. It has the perfect mix between great ballads and great rock songs..

here is my rating:

1) LIVIN' ON A PRAYER - what can you seriously say about this song??? IT ROCKS!!!!!!! i mean i'de wish i wrote it!!!!! it perfect i can listen to it over and over again in the max noise:) . Lyrics like: " Gina dreams of running away When she cries in the night Tommy whispers: Baby it's okay, someday ".. it's just tore out my heart.. 12/10

2) KEEP THE FAITH - again. no words. just exellent.. "Everybody needs somebody to love, Everybody needs somebody to hate" such a hopefull and faithfull song!.. 10/10

3) SOMEDAY I'LL BE SATURDAY NIGHT - i hate keep saying these all over again.. i can't have enoght of this song.. "My name is Billy Jean, my love was bought and sold I'm only sixteen, I feel a hundred years old My foster daddy went, took my innocence away The street life ain't much better, but at least I get paid". This is great!!! 10/10

4) ALWAYS. will be my last Comment.

5) WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE - it just relaesed to the VH1 and MTV, and now i can hear it all the time..! this is great!! a fantastic song for all the cowboys out there, but it has some really life-metaphores, search and find.. :-) 10/10

6) LAY YOUR HANDS ON ME - big rock'n'roll song!!! just to hear it and i'm suddenly jump all over the place!!! 10/10

7)YOU GIVE LOVE A BAD NAME - this song sound like they wrote it about MY life!!! i can relate to it so so much!! and the music - fantastic!! 10/10

8) BED OF ROSES - the first time i heard this song i was just amazed. my mouth was open for like days!!!!! i just love it its so sad-great-perfect ballad.. and it's all jon's work.. damn this man knows how to write!! 20/10

9) BLAZE OF GLORY - great lyrics great music great song!!! 10/10

10) IN THESE ARMS - great rock ballade song .. this song rocks!!!! i mean listen!!! : "These are my words Our words were our songs Our songs are our prayers These prayers keep me strong It's what I believe If you were in these arms tonight " GREAT!!! 12/10

11) BAD MEDICINE - it's a good rock n roll song, but i can relate to it much.. but yet - it kicks ass!!! 9/10

12) I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU - i could come and tell how much this song is great and stuff, but no one will ever believe me how much u cried whrn i first heard it!!!! iw wish someone will sing it to me !! :(( 12/10

13) IN AND OUT OF LOVE - the lyrics are great but the music not too much.. not of my faves 8/10

14) RUNAWAY - fantastic!!!!! some say it's about a prostitute, some about a girl in problems... but it's great!!

15) NEVER SAY GOODBYE - i mad ALL my class hear it in the last day of school... some were cry... i love it i cant explain.

i think this is the most romantic song ever. and the best song ever. the first time i heard it i cried. i'm so obsessed with this song - i have the whole song on a huge printed paper on my door.. this song is full of emotions and feelings that only people in love understand.. ;-).
it was written all by Jon himslef and for that i am so greatfull and full of appreciiation for the writing of the great song ever. EVER.

I guess some of you think my review is sticky and foolish, but those songs were with me through the goodest and the badest times of my life, and they will remain in my heart till the day i die.

feel free to tell me what you think.

Rating: 10/10

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