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"New Jersey" Review 6 August 2001

extremely powerful

A review by Sheonagh /

Overall, this is one fantastic album. There are only a few songs which don't, i feel, have as much feeling in them. I was only 3 yrs old when this was released, and the sound never ages, which is what i think is so incredible about BJ. Here are my individual ratings for each track :-

1) Lay your hands... A great song to open an album with because it grabs your attention. Although the lyrics aren't perhaps serious, they lighten your spirits. Richie's guitar is strong throughout and the track in general has force and feeling. 9/10

2) Bad Medicine... An amazing song performed live! Again the sound is so powerful and i love the lyrics because anyone who's been in love will understand the "addiction" they're talking about. The guys love the reaction of the crowd when they play this song and its energy never seems to fade. 10/10

3) Born to be my Baby... I can't fault it! It has a catchy courus, the sound is fantastic. One of my definite BJ songs. 10/10

4) Living in Sin... I love the build up to the courus. It sounds like it comes from the heart (unlike some other ballads like She's a mystery). Tico's drums are fantastic but it lacks something, maybe Richie's guitar genius, i can't put my finger on it. 8/10

5) Blood on Blood... Brilliant, a song not about love but of friendship, a topic that few can write about well. It conveys such a strong feeling of passion for their friendship and the guitar solo is the icing on the cake! 10/10

6) Homebound Train... This song doesn't really do anything for me. Although some of the lyrics are touching and the guitar intro is brilliant, the song seems empty in comparison to others on the album like tracks 3 and 5. It has a "messy" sound, although i like the Dave's keyboard playing.

7) Wild is the Wind... Again, i can't fault this song. The lyrics are strong and meaningful. It's a great song to just relax and listen to. 10/10

8) Ride Cowboy Ride... fun!

9) i know this word is becoming repetitive but this song is so STRONG but not like other strong-sounding songs like Bad Medicine which are just fun. This my be way off, but i think it's about the music business and how you have to do what feels right to you, regardless of what critics think. They're saying it's a tough life but, if you're yourself, people will respect you and your music. That's what it says to me. 10/10

10) I'll be there for you... The song speaks for itself. It's so emotional, i cried the first time i heard it, and is undoubtably one of BJ's masterpieces. 10/10

11) 99 in the Shade... This is a fun song which would be perfect to listen to whilst cruising down a highway in a convertable with your friends - that's the picture it brings to mind for me!! It doesn't however have that little something to make it an all time BJ classic, but the guitar solo, although short, is great. 8/10

12) Love for Sale... A light-hearted song which doesn't really appeal to me but its sounds like the guys had fun recording it! 7/10

Now that your all probably bored out of your minds reading this, i'll summarise my review. It has such feeling and strength and as you've probably guessed i can't get enough of Richie's guitar solos! I honestly don't think there's enough positive adjectives to describe Bon Jovi!!!!

Feel free to e-mail me to tell me your thoughts.

Thanks, KTF,

Sheonagh :-)

Rating: 10/10

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