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"These Days" Review 2 June 2000
The Best Album In the Universe

That's the best album ever

A review by Tako /

I've been Bon Jovi fan since I was 2 and admire each of their songs.When I first heard the song from the album "these days" I said to myself "God,the song is the greatest, the album must be great too" I bought it,and my predictions came true.Everybody should hear those songs,they are simply great. When you listen to them,you simply say to yourself "Oh My God" The album features the songs about life, love, cheating and nearly everything.It makes people realize what the real music is like.It's quite clear that the guys put all their souls and hearts in it.I mean the lyrics,the music, Jon's amazing voice and lots of other things make album the greatest in the world.I'm sure everybody else who listened to it got as charmed by guys' skill of making the right music as me.Then they took a short break and worked on their solo successes and I got so tired of Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera and the songs of endless breakings of the hearts.Peopled needed something new and special,and Bon Jovi came back in town with their next album, which without a doubt is the best too.

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