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"Crossroad" Review 15 August 2001
Best lp ever

A review by Crowesepher

LIVIN ON A PRAYER- The first Jovi song i ever heard, nothin but heart and soul on this one. When you think of Bon Jovi you think of livin on a prayer, so much love!! 10!!!

KTF- This song never struck a vibe in me but it is strong so i give it a 5

Always-This song is everything, u can feel it inside when you hear Jon sing it, man its filled with so much energy you just have to feel for someone when you listen, this song makes you think of love, plain and simple!!! 10!!

Saturday Night- I like this song, the feelings of being a teenager are all over it, only really teenage full emotion song by bon jovi. 8

Wanted-The greatest cowboy song ever, shows how much writing talent bon jovi has, one in a million. 7

Lay your hands-i didnt like it at fisrt but then i saw the band live and it was awesome!!! lots of fire!! 7

Bad Name-Started the big fame, love the hair and the vocals and the women in the video!!! This ones for all the girls who broke our hearts!! 9

Bed of Roses-Too much for me, this song is great!!! The words in it are just so powerful, it had cocktail writin all over it, you got others but there is really only one!! 10

Blaze of Glory- video was the bomb, he should have got the grammy!!! Almost as good as wanted but he didnt have the rest of the band so you gotta give it to him. 7

Prayer 94- i hated this version, it might have been good if it was the original but after hearing the original this one blows!! 2

Bad medicine- I liked this at first but ive heard it so many times that its gettin old. Good song though very strong but its no lay your hands on me!! 6

Ill be there for you-strong ballad!! first ballad i heard from jovi and this is what i bought this cd for. Its so simple, ill be there for you these 5 words i swear to you. nothin but love!! 8

In and out of love-i dont like this song but i do like the hungry feel it has to it. They were young and hungry here and the vocals are the best!! 5

Runaway-well what can i say, this one started it all, lil jon, richie, alec, tico, and david hit the road after this one and coquered the world. Original classic!!! 8

If ya dont have this cd get it, its a must have for all you jovi fans, check yall later and keep the faith!!

Rating: 10/10

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