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"Keep The Faith" Review 22 August 2001
Lord, we gotta Keep The Faith

Totally rockin'

A review by New Jersey Nick

This is only going to be a brief review of the Keep The Faith album.

I Believe- I actually didn't like this song the first time I heard it. But just lately it seems to have got into me quite a bit. Over all it's pretty rockin' 7/10

Keep The Faith- Wow! What can I say? For me this is THE song. It's got me through a lot and it's a message that we should all take into account. Awesome. 10/10

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead- Not a bad piece of rock 'n' roll, nice beat. 8/10

In These Arms- This is one of my favourite songs. It gave me alot of courage to tell a girl how I feel (and then go out with her-Thanks Jon!) Very warm lyrics. 10/10

Bed of Roses- For me this is the most romantic Bon Jovi song there is. It's very powerful and I just can't hear it enough. 9/10

If I Was Your Mother- This is an interesting song, different from the rest on the album. It didn't really do anything for me. 3/10

Dry County- A truely brillant piece of music. The guitar in this is mind blowingly cooooooooool. 10/10

Woman In Love- Again this song doesn't really feel good for me. 5/10

Fear- I liked this, it's catchy and different enough for you to take notice. 7/10

I Want You- Much like In These Arms, but nowhere near as good. I tired of it pretty quickly. 5/10

Blame It On The Love of Rock 'n' Roll- This really pulls up the end of the album, it's strong, catchy, fun and an all round good song. 9/10

Little Bit Of Soul- Probably a good choice for the ending of the album. There's a kinda relaxed feel, you get to hear the band talking as they start up. I liked it. 8/10

Well it's a short review, but overall I have to say this album is good rockin' Bon Jovi.

Keep The Faith everyone

Rating: 9/10

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