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"Keep The Faith" Review 28 August 2001
Makes you keep your faith alive...

A review by Kobe /

Well... what to say about this amazing album... so many masterpieces... exiting ballads... and it really gives you the power it tells you you can go out, face the world and know you can make it. Sometimes I feel too negative to listen to these songs but as soon as I remember the message the band sent us with these lyrics I certainly feel better than before.

1. I believe: a perfect opener for this album full of hope. It really rocks and I like when Jon sings "...with every breath that I breath you and me can turn a whisper into a scream".

2. Keep the faith: the title is the message. Just hold on and keep your faith. Great lyrics and beat. Truly a masterpiece.

3. I'll sleep when I'm dead: life is ours live it to the fullest, let's have fun we'll sleep when we're dead.

4. In these arms: this songs means so many things... your promise you'd do anything for that girl if only she was in your arms tonight, tomorrow and for the rest of your life.

5. Bed of roses: truly amazing song, these days I fell in love with this song. No words can express how romantic it is. I really miss this one in the live album.

6. If I was your mother: powerful and great rock song. Probably understimated cause it follows "Bed of roses" and comes just before "Dry county".

7. Dry county: how could they have forgotten this one in the greatest hits? One of the deepest BJ lyrics mixed with a great beat and Richie's best solo I think. What more to say?

8. Woman in love: I don't like it as much as I do for many songs of these albums. Let's just say that if another band had written this one we'd have talked about a great song but BJ can do better.

9. Fear: Good rock song but not at the levels already set in this album.

10. I want you: a good ballad, I like the lyrics... you don't want the stars or the moon all you want is her...

11. Blame it on the love of rock 'n' roll: powerful and "funny" song just as "I'll sleep when I'm dead".The first times i preferred this one but after hearing "I'll sleep when I'm dead" live...

12. Little bit of soul: I like it very much. They got which song had to close the album as much as they chose the perfect opener.

Thanx BJ for keepin' our faith alive. Let's never forget it.

Rating: 10/10

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