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"These Days" Review 29 August 2001
what an album


A review by Knightfire /

Upon the first listening of this album it appears that not a lot of people like this album but I found that this album actually grows on you and suddenley you see the messages that they are trying to portray.

1. Hey God: a good rocking song which asks a question a lot of us wonder, does he really think about me or have I been forgotten. It's a great song and has to be one of their best.

2. Something for the pain: wow this song, I can relate to easily and from the title you expect a ballad, but this aint no ballad.

3. This aint a love song: well what can you say about this, it's such a beautiful song about the end of a relationship and I've listened to this one many a time when that has happened.

4. These Days: this is a great song and was the one I looked forward to hearing live when I first bought the album, it's an emotional song but very powerful too, jon has often said this is his "born to run" song.

5. Lie to me: another great ballad and very surprised that this was never a hit.

6. Dammned: great song and great guitar work again, the song to me is about someone you want but can never have and therefore you feel as though you are dammned.

7. My guitar lies bleeding in my arms: perfect for those miserable moments when you don't feel like smiling, it's often been said that it's depressing but I don't see it that way, for me it's when you're in a mood and want to be by yourself to reflect on the bad times you have been through but I feel that there is a positive note there to say you'll get through it.

8. It's hard letting you go: another one listened to many a time when a relationship has died but it's a really good song and is well placed on the album.

9. Hearts breaking even: this one puts the tempo back up and brings you to realise that maybe sometimes you just have to say goodbye.

10. something to believe in: along the same lines as hey god but this one asks what do I believe and where can I find my faith again.

11. If thats what it takes: I love this song and it's lyrics, they are so true, when you realise that you are about to lose someone you will pull out all the stops to try and keep them.

12. Diamond Ring: don't really like this and perhaps this should have been a demo, it's too slow and feels out of place on such a deep record.

13. All I want is everything: another rocker and another powerful message behind the lyrics, this is a really good song. It's such a shame that new fans who buy the remasters records don't get this on the these days album. it's a sin

14. Bitter wine: a beautiful way to end such a great album, it's a deep song and means a lot to me, shame that not everyone has it with it being a demo.

In all this a deep record, not a dark one. but one that when you just want to be by yourself or if you are going through a hard time because as well as the moments of sadness there is an element of being positive and the majority of songs on here have a positive ring to them.
I would give this a ten, It's very much different than crush but then again in this case the experiment worked. well done guys

Rating: 10/10

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