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"One Wild Night: Live 1985-2001" Review 1 September 2001
Blinded by the moonlight!

A review by Ashley /

For srarters,there's not enough songs on the album,and they haven't even chosen the right songs to put on the album. Dont get me wrong its a good album,Its just ashame that bonjovi fans have waited a long time for a live album,and its not thier best performances!I mean 'I dont like Mondays'.Why put that on there?We want to hear Bonjovi songs,Not Bob Geldof.When Bonjovi played at Wembley in 1995(it was put on video)that whole show was better than 'One wild night live'.
Also Richie Sambora's Guitar solo's arn't as good as good as they could be.For instance Keep the faith,The solo is boring.I mean Richie is my guitar hero,i think he is the best ever,and i no he can do better.But its good that they have released a live album.I play it all the time.Lets just hope they learn from their mistakes.CUM ON BOYS GIVE US FANS A GREAT LIVE LP PLEASE!!!!

Rating: 6/10

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