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"These Days" Review 13 October 2001
least appreciated

A review by gary /

I think that "These Days" is the most overlooked Bon Jovi album out there. I love the laid back slow grooves and the hard rocking songs, its a great mix. Diamond Ring is my favorite track. Its not like any other BJ song. The album has an almost Beatle like sound to it. I know it wasnt their biggest seller and only had one hit "This aint a lovesong". I think it came out to fast on the heels of Crossroads, and the BJ fans may not have wanted a new sound. But if you want a great but different sound this is the album. I'm in my 30's and it seems that my age group is left out on most radio stations and MTV, I'm glad that BON JOVI is still around to so i can listen to something that appeals to me and harks back to the 80's mixed with newer sounds. Keep rocking BON JOVI, give all of us 30 somethings the kind of music we grew up on.

Rating: 10/10

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