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"Crush" Review 3 June 2000
Nice and Fresh

A review by Pipucho /

Well, I just bought it,and it is a real good album,
one of the best but not the best one.
I think that itīs what they needed to do, Keep the Faith and These Days were kind of dark, melancolic, specially These Days, but this one is fresh and Rocks.

ITīS MY LIFE.- The first single, powerful song. I like it

SAY IT ISNīT SO.- Not very good, itīs ok but, thereīs is something in Jonīs voice that I dont like.This one shouldnīt be the next single. 6/10

THANK YOU.....- The best ballad of the album. This is the Bed of Roses of the album. 9/10

TWO STORY TOWN.- Nice rock song, new sound, very cool. 9/10

NEXT 100 YEARS.- Richie is shows his power, but to much orchestra, anyway still a good track. 8/10

JUST OLDER- The best, i would call the album Just Older instead of Crush, really rocks. 10/10

Mystery Train.- Good ballad, the intro reminds me Blondie.
I think it would be better in JBJ solo album. 7/10

SAVE THE WORLD.- Thereīs always a place for a song like this in a BJ album. I like it. 8/10

CAPTAIN CRASH.....- Very fresh, new, cool and funny rock song, very good. 9/10

SHEīS A MISTERY.- OH my God, i fell asleep with this one, donīt know what is this one doing in an album like this.
Doesnīt sucks but doesnīt go with the rest of the songs.
Neuroticaīs place. 5/10

I GOT THE GIRL.- Cool new one, rocks. 8/10

ONE WILD NIGHT.- BUM BUM. Blew my head off. Excellent 10/10

I COULD MAKE A LIVIN....- Nice bonus track, it remebers me Poison and Def Leppard. 9/10

NEUROTICA.- I didnīt get the song in the CD, but i downloaded it on Napster. Should be a single, even better than Itīs my life. Another excellent one. Iīm still wondering why it didnīt make the album. 10/10

Rating: 8/10

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