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"Crush" Review 19 October 2001

brilliant with time

A review by Bryan /

well, after having the album 'Crush' for well over a year now, (bought it the day it came out) i have decided to submit my review. i've waited this long simpley because i knew this album would be like all the other jovi albums i've bought. There would be songs i would already know and love, songs i pick out as great on first time hearing, but some songs that i wouldn't like, until time passed by and they had grown on me. Here's a run down:-

*It's my life :- fast, hard, full of energy. Not much i can
say about this other than superb. 10/10

*Say it isn't so:- Hmmmmm! ok i guess. it's definately an
album track, but for me there are better
songs they could have released as a
single. 7/10

*Thankyou for loving me:-
This was a well structured jovi ballad.It
follows the same musical format as Always
and Bed of Roses. I really liked it. It
was simple and nice. 9/10

*Two story town:- One of the worst songs on the album for
me, and they really surprised me when
they performed it live at wembley. Not
very good. 6/10

*Next 100 years:- This song has everything, a catchy chorus
a few 'na na na na's' for the crowd to
join in with, and best of all, a double
beated ending with the best guitar solo
since dry county. 10/10

*Just older:- I Loved this song the first time i heard it
it reminds me of old style jovi. a good
rock song with simple format. 10/10

*Mystery train:- this song took a long while to grow on me
but now i love it. a nice soothing relaxing
song. 10/10

*Save the world:- Hard to describe this one. Odd would have
to be the only word, yet i love it, i just
don't really know why. 9/10

Captain crash:- Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant, even
better live. 10/10

She's a mystery:- sorry, i love bon jovi's music but this
is a waste of time! 0/10

I got the girl:- Fast, fun, and when i saw it performed
live at milton keynes, it blew me away.

One wild night:- Again, fast and fun, my favourite song on
the album. to see a concert open with this
song was fantastic. 10/10

I could make a living out of loving you:-
I dunno what the guys were trying to do
with this, but it was cool anyway, but I'm
still not too sure about it. 7/10

I'd love to hear from anyone who has anything to say about any of the things i've written about this album, which i think was one of the best, although i can't ever see anything beating 'Keep The Faith'

Rating: 10/10

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