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"Crush" Review 7 November 2001
Very good, but could be even better

A review by SantaFe

It's very good, but it could be better... Don't understand me wrong, because comparing to other albums that are out it's superb, but after a 5 year break of the band, this was a bit suprising. After These Days I have been expecting something like These Days chapter 2, but it came out something else. Full of energy, homour, power and so on... It's hard to say so much in so little to so many :)

Just quickly going through the tracks:

1. It's my life:
When I first heard it, it blew me away. Sure it was Prayer nr.2, but what a prayer. The talkbox--->superb. As always the band sounds perfect. What a comeback song and the Summer hit 2000. That's enough :)

2. Say it isn't so:
You can count the lovers of that song on the fingers of one hand, but I'm one of them. The lyrics are very impressive to me. Then Jon's high voice is experimental, but it sounds perfect in my ears. David's work in this song is so so so good. There is a place in the track when three guitars are playing at the same moment.... WOW!

3. Thank you for loving:
One of the best Bon Jovi ballads. Won't agree with that one. It is just to kitchy. It ain't bad, I still have it on my playlist, but it gives me nothing, because it sounds like it ain't from the heart. Great band work again.

4. Two story town:
Again good band work, but nothing special about it. The only attractive thing is the word SHIT, which sounds funny to me :)

5. Next 100 years:
It's hard to write songs like this. The speed, tempo changes in the song. Richie is doing the craziest stuff since Dry County. Tico ain't less crazier. :) I think that this songs was written and meant for the fans. Whatever will be, we'll be there for the next 100 years. The band and fans too, I just hope so.

6. Just older:
Yeah the boys are getting older, but why this song!? And why this song on Tokyo Road - The best of Bon Jovi and on One Wild Night live!? This song just can't fit to me. It should be like Blood on blood, but there's something missing. Not the best song to appear on this album.

7. Mistery train:
I have waited for this 15 years. Bon Jovi have done something new and I hope they will be doing this sort of things in the future. The guitar is superb in this song. That's a song that I preffer to play to someone special...

8. Save the world:
This one was written for Armageddon and was beaten by I can't miss a thing from Aerosmith. This is a sort of ballad I want from Bon Jovi. It's about life experience and the one thing we all adore, love.

9. Captain Crash and the beauty queen from Mars:
Again the most of you think that's one of the best songs on Crush, but I just can't get into it. Yeah it's funny, but this is the only good thing I can say about that one.

10. She's a mistery:
A very very very good song, but toooooooo slow. Good lyrics, band work again. Nothing special to me, but good enough for every Bon Jovi album.

11. I got the girl:
My favourite. I can feel it in my heartbeat, I can feel it in my bones. This is for Stephanie, but it's so impressive. Just love everything about this song. The slow start, faster Chorus and than the overdrive solo. That's a song that I want on a concert, even as a single.

12. One Wild Night:
This one kicks ass, not the overproduced 2001 version. It's a rock song in it's definition, with the sort mambo feeling inside. The lyrics are about "The real night". Just think that it would be cooler if they have had released this one in the original version. Definitely a highlight of this album.

13. I could make a living out of lovnig you:
Good enough for a bonus song, but Neurotica is better. The song is so heavy slow... you know that feeling. Everytime I hear it I just hope that it will end sooner as in 4:39.

That's all. Hope you liked this one :)


Rating: 9/10

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