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"Bon Jovi" Review 9 November 2001
Young fans like them too!!!

A review by Lisa(jovi_lover39) /

This is not a review of the cd but of the band.Me and my best friend are only 11(grade 6) and we are HUGE Bon Jovi fans.I have listened to rock music all my life (and I mean ALL!!I went to a Rod Stuwart concert when my mom was still pregnent with me).I am not one of them who when One Wild Night came out they were like "This isn't they're 2nd album, it's they're 9th!" My parents have always told me about Bon Jovi and I was always curious to what they sounded like so when Crush came out I was hooked.Alot of my friends are like "Why do you like those oldies??They're gay!!" And I just say, "How would you know!!You've never heard a song they sang!!!"Bon Jovi are a great band and they're music is amazing.The way Jon sings those notes and Richie plucks those strings.It's just amazing.But there's one thing about Bon Jovi I don't like.They go to alot of the same places on almost every tour(I can understand Savrelle or Perth Amboy).The last time Bon Jovi came here(Newfoundland,Canada) was at the end of their Keep the Faith tour.I know they don't tour like the used to but still!!I am always hoping for them to come here.One day they will and I will be crazy.

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