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"Keep The Faith" Review 10 November 2001
The Best BON JOVI album!

Bon Jovi's peak!

A review by Tommy /

KEEP THE FAITH is, quite simply, the best Bon Jovi album. It showcases a nice mixture of late eighties rock and early nineties sophistication.

It is expertly played and mixed, featuring some magnificent solos from Mr Sambora and the best vocals on any Bon Jovi record.

This was the soundtrack to the early years of the nineties, accompanying a sell-out world tour, when the band ruled the roost and weren't going to be displaced lightly. It marked an emergence from the long hair and bare chests into a decidedly more mature and thoughtful period.

The musicianship is great - tight, together and determined.

A quick run down:
* I BELIEVE - an impressive opening track, featuring stunning vocals from the man himself. An unrelenting 'this-is-what-we-do' track. 9/10

* KEEP THE FAITH - an absolute classic, in every sense of the word. Rocking guitars, thumping drums, and of course, the bassline! 10/10

* I'LL SLEEP WHEN I'M DEAD - a great rock 'n' roll track; great live, with very Elton John-like pianos! 9/10

* IN THESE ARMS - a ballad in true Bon Jovi style, with another great bassline and 'I'll die for you-nothing I wouldn't do' lyrics! And listen to those 'baby's near the end!! Amazing. 9/10

* BED OF ROSES - Always-style ballad - just as brilliant! Fantastic vocals (especially in the last chorus). Great live sing-along. 10/10

* IF I WAS YOUR MOTHER - one of the heaviest Bon Jovi songs ever recorded, IMO. Features one of the best guitar solos on the album, and voice-shredding vocals!! Too good. 9/10

* DRY COUNTY - the most impressive song on the album. Thought-provoking lyrics and a great piano link leads us into .. the solo!! Once heard, never forgotten! 10/10

* WOMAN IN LOVE - the weakest track on the album. Definitely an album filler, with fairly amusing lyrics, but it's nothing special. Lets the album down slightly and certainly wouldn't have been missed much! 6/10

* FEAR - another heavy track; just basically an all-out rocker to let off steam (with a very 'Enter Sandman' type bass riff ... hmmmm!) Great. 9/10

* I WANT YOU - another 'she left me for another man', 'diamond ring' ballad. Grows on you. The bridge contains possibly Jon's best vocals ever (not an overstatement). A bit sickly, and has much the same sentiments as every other Bon Jovi ballad, but still nice. 8/10

* BLAME IT ON THE LOVE OF ROCK & ROLL - Rolling Stones-type rocker - not bad, but another toe-tapping album filler. 8/10

* LITTLE BIT OF SOUL - a brilliant, laid-back blues number. Great guitars, organs, drums and bass; a great 'grab a beer and sing backing vocals' track!! Richie makes those blues runs look so easy. 9/10

This album is the band's strongest, containing Jon at his strongest vocally - and they sound like they're seriously enjoying themselves!! Satisfaction guaranteed - blame it on the love of rock & roll!

Rating: 9/10

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