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"These Days" Review 4 June 2000
My feelings about "These Days"

This album is really invincible!!

A review by Renske Holwerda /

1. Hey God.The first time I heard it,I didn't like this song,but the more I listened to it,the more I liked it.
In spite of that,It's not one of my favs.
rate: 6/10

2.Something for the pain.
The lyrics are the good,but the music don't mean anything to me.Maybe the music's good,but it just means nothing to me.
rate: 6/10

3.This ain't a lovesong.One of my favorites.
I guess,this is one of the best Bon Jovi-songs ever.
A slow balad and it's just because I don't believe in a follow-up song for Bed of Roses or Always,but it's a song in that slow balad-category.
rate: 9/10

4.These Days.This is my favorite song on the album.
It's about the changing times and I think the lyrics and the music are really good.
rate: 10/10

5.Lie to me.A slow balad,I like this kind of songs.
Some people say it's too monotonous,but I like that.
It's an easy listening song and the lyrics are O.K.
rate: 8/10

6.Damned.I don't like this song.
Two reasons: I'm a Christ and I don't like it when people curse.I know Jon is a Christ too,so I guess he don't mean it that bad and reason 2 is that I hate the sound.
When my radio plays that song I turn it off
But it's Bon Jovi and that's why I still give this song a 5/10.

7.My guitar lies bleeding in my arms.I don't know why,but I also don't like this song that much.
I don't understand myself: The music is great,the lyrics are great and it's like Jon wrote this song for me,but I still don't like it.

8.It's hard letting you go.
When I heard this song for the first time,I was really broken-hearted,so it ain't strange why I like this song.
It's a lovely slow balad and maybe it's too slow,but I like that.When I'm sad,I always play this song.It reminds me of a good time.

9.Hearts breaking even.
Wow wow wow!!This song should have been released.
It could have been a no. 1.
It's a loud song and I prefer balads,but this is a great song.The lyrics are wonderful.I really praise Jon for this song.No words can describe this beautiful song.
Just listen to it and you know what I mean.

10.Something to believe in.
I bought "These Days" in 1995,after been obsessed by "Always" and when I heard "Something to believe in" for the first time,I hated it.
The first part of the song ain't interesting,so I always turned it off when my radio played this song.
A few months ago,I was too lazy to walk to the radio when I heard this song and when I heard the second part,I was really amazed and this song grew out to one of my favorite "These Days"-songs.It's just a poppy song and that's good enough for me

11.If that's what it takes
I can't say this song is terrible,because it has its good sides,but I can't tell you so much about this song,
because I never listen to it.
It's not one of my favs.

12.Diamond Ring.
This song is too slow for me.
It's too monotonous.Always the same lyrics and I'm getting tired of this song.
No masterpiece.Sometimes when I'm tired and I can't sleep,
I play this song and I'm asleep within 5 minutes.

13.All I want is everything
I don't have to explain this song.
Just read the comments of no. 9 and you know my opinion about this song.GREAT GREAT GREAT!!!

14.Bitter Wine.
Yék.If there's one terrible song on this record,it must be "Bitter Wine".
I can't explain why I don't like it,because it's a balad,
but I don't like the lyrics,I don't like the songs.
Sorry,but that's just the way it is.

sorry about my English,but I live in Holland,so it's not my native tongue.

Rating: 10/10

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