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"Crush" Review 27 November 2001
my review on CRUSH

"One of my favorites... Here's why!"

A review by JoviStar /

There are very few artists -> not by Bon Jovi but basically any artist <- who have an album that you can play from start to beginning, without skipping a song. Bon Jovi's "CRUSH" cd is not only that but it's the album that really got me into the boys.

1. Its My Life- the "feel good" song on the album. An excellant song about being who you are and livin your life to the fullest. A great song to begin an album too.

2. Say It Isn't So- This one was always my favorite. It's just a great song about a guy asking his girlfriend/wife/ whatever the case may be to not give up on "them". Also, bringing other small things that he wouldnt have wanted to know... "superman dont fly, they did it all on strings. elvis presley died,they deep fried the king"

3. Thank You For Loving Me- In my opinion, it could have been the wedding song of the year. It's an emotional ballad about Jon thanking ((preferabbly Dorothea)) for loving him and bein there for him. Great song.

4. Two Story Town- A Pretty good song on the album about a guy wanting to leave what he described as somewhat of a boring town and how its the "same ol" all the time. Not one of favorites on the album but decent enough to be on the cd.

5. Next 100 Years- It seemed as though this was the "Dry County" of CRUSH. Instead, it was about a guy promising to be by his girl's side for as long as he promised.. Forever. btw, its also an excellant song in concert. Richie's guitar solo is of course amazing in this song!

6. Just Older- The Guys love it, I love it! Seems that all fans luv it too cos it soundds more like their old Bon Jovi. It's another feel good song about being comfortable with the life you live and who you really are. About not being afraid to go back to where you came from and strive on to be the same person you always was. Great song!

7. Mystery Train- This song is nice because it goes from Just Older, the fast fun rock song, to Mystery Train which is an excellant driving song, very mellow too. A great song they wrote about a girl taking a trip "to a place she's never been before". Almost about taking chances on the wild road of life.

8. Save The World- A killer ballad! I love this song, personally, and think it's great. Jon's voice in this song is amazing as well. Sounds like it's a song about a guy who wants to be a better man and feels he could do anything because he has this girl by his side.

9. Captain Crash and the Beauty Queen From Mars- i have, like any Bon Jovi fan, a top 5 of my ALL TIME favorite by them.. THIS IS DEFINATELY ONE OF THEM! Such an awesome, punk/rock song about a couple not caring about anything but themselves being happy with eachother. Luv the adding of the other famous couples in history! LUV THIS SONG! :)

10. She's A Mystery- Probably the most under-rated song on the whole album. It somewhat doesn't fit the town of the album but is still a good song. Self explanatory... about a girl he loves but is so mysterious in every way, he loves it.

11. I Got the Girl- It seems that since the band loves this song, the fans love this song. Such a sweet song that Jon wrote about his daugher. It sounds after you hear it the first time that it's about a girl he loves, he knows he shouldnt be with, but he is. Great song.

12. One Wild Night- An excellant way to end an album,with this fast and fun rock song. Great song in concert, Tico's drums are amazing... Just gotta luv it!!

Overall... I give the album a 9 ((only cos Two Story Town and Mystery Train itched me off a bit)) but still, i'm happy with the album. Can't wait for the next one!!

- JoviStar

Rating: 9/10

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